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Milk Thistle Phytosome
Milk Thistle Phytosome
Milk Thistle Phytosome
Milk Thistle Phytosome
Milk Thistle Phytosome
Milk Thistle Phytosome
Milk Thistle Phytosome
Milk Thistle Phytosome

Liver Function Support*


Standardized extract with optimized absorption to support normal liver function.*

  • Cellular protection against oxidative stress*
  • Antioxidant support*
  • Standardized to contain at least 29% silybin flavonoid
  • 180 mg per serving

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule twice daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional. 

Milk Thistle’s Botanical Brilliance

Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Milk Thistle’s characteristic violet flowers and white-veined leaves boast botanical beauty. And while its captivating appearance is striking, Milk Thistle's true marvels lie within its bioactive compounds. Dating back almost 2,000 years, its beneficial properties were first described by Greek physician and botanist, Dioscorides (40–90 AD).

Since then, Milk Thistle’s powerful benefits, specifically in promoting normal liver function, have transcended traditional medicine, finding its way into labs of modern science. Milk Thistle is now revered in both traditional and modern medicine for its bountiful benefits. 

The Prominent Difference

Clinically Studied Dosages

- Prominent Nutrition’s Milk Thistle Phytosome™ uses only clinically studied dosages. Each serving contains 180 mg milk thistle phytosome standardized to contain 29% total Silybin.  

Only Essential Ingredients
- Prominent Nutrition’s 100% product transparency ensures purity and potency. Our Milk Thistle Phytosome™ uses a powerful extract with only essential ingredients and zero hidden additives.

Extensive Quality Testing

- With third-party testing, our Milk Thistle Phytosome™ passes industry-leading quality standards. 

The result? A high-quality extract that yields optimal absorption to promote normal liver function and cellular protection against oxidative stress.*

Milking the Benefits: Milk Thistle Meets Phytosome Tech

The fruit of the Milk Thistle plant contains beneficial compounds known as flavonoids. Among these, Silybin stands out as the most potent. However, a significant obstacle is Silybin’s poor bioavailability. Because Silybin is not well absorbed by the body, its full benefits remain unrealized in its natural state. This is why conventional Milk Thistle is largely ineffective in supporting normal liver function. 

In contrast, Prominent Nutrition leverages phytosome technology to encapsulate Silybin within a phospholipid complex. This allows for optimized absorption by the body. 

With Prominent Nutrition’s Milk Thistle Phytosome™, you can unlock the full benefits of this ancient remedy. 

Phytosomeᵀᴹ is a trademark of Indena S.p.A., Italy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Prominent Nutrition's Milk Thistle different from the rest?

Prominent Nutrition’s Milk Thistle sets itself apart by utilizing an extract that isstandardized to Silybin, the most bioactive component extracted from MilkThistle. Most other supplements in the market use Silymarin, which is a complexof different compounds present in Milk Thistle, with Silybin being one of them.However, Silybin may present some absorption challenges, which is why oursupplement is formulated using PHYTOSOME™ technology, ensuring optimalabsorption and delivering the full spectrum of benefits. Additionally, we arededicated to providing the highest-grade ingredients in their purest and cleanestform, ensuring they are free from common allergens and unnecessary additives.We are committed to delivering excellence in both quality and purity.

How is Prominent Nutrition's Milk Thistle Phytosome formulated?
Prominent Nutrition’s Milk Thistle Phytosome is expertly crafted usingPHYTOSOME™ technology. This innovative approach is designed to optimizeyour body’s absorption of Silybin extract. Despite Silybin’s reputation as themost potent Milk Thistle flavonolignan, it still presents inherent absorptionchallenges. However, PHYTOSOME™ formulation effectively overcomes thesechallenges to help ensure you receive the maximum advantages of MilkThistle.PHYTOSOME™ is a trademark of Indena S.p.A., Italy.
Why does Prominent Nutrition use a standardized ingredient?
At Prominent Nutrition, we use standardized ingredients in our supplements toensure that you consistently receive a high-quality product in precisequantities, providing your body with the ideal dosage for maximum benefits.With each Milk Thistle Phytosome capsule, crafted to contain 29% or more ofSilybin, we ensure that you receive a consistent amount with every dose,differently from whole herbs in which you can’t guarantee uniformity.
How does Prominent Nutrition source ingredients for its supplements?
Prominent Nutrition’s mission is to deliver the finest versions of naturalsupplements to you. We carefully select all our ingredients from reliablesources that offer complete transparency. Our suppliers provide us withinformation on the origin of our materials, ensuring that our products are safeand of the highest quality, so you can enjoy the best for your health.
Is there a satisfaction guarantee for Prominent Nutrition products?
Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with our products, please contact us via our online form.
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Milk Thistle Phytosome

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.