Why Prominent?

To be prominent means one is outstanding: a leader in their field who sets the highest standards for all who follow.

Prominent Nutrition was founded by pharmacists and nutritionists with decades of experience and successes in developing superior formula compositions and delivery technologies. Our team believes there is only one standard of quality worth pursuing: the very highest.

We are dedicated scientists first, businesspeople second. Following peer-reviewed research and leading with integrity means that putting purity, transparency, and the wellbeing of our customers first is nonnegotiable for us. We have turned away lucrative business opportunities in the past—and will continue to do so—to protect our integrity.

Many brands claim similar values—it is a popular marketing approach--but at Prominent Nutrition we live them. It frustrates us to see so many brands making claims that overpromise or mislead people about supplements today. For us, holding to our values and refusing to deal in unverifiable claims and loose marketing speech is a matter of conscience.

We believe that you are knowledgeable and want to elevate and preserve your quality of life with herbal supplements, not be sold a marketing gimmick. You want the gold-standard of quality at every level of production for the supplements. We want you to receive that.

That is why we are proud to offer the Prominent Standard and provide our philosophy behind every supplement we sell, from ingredient sourcing to testing. We want to make the Prominent Standard the metric by which all other brands will be measured.

We do things the right way here. That is what it means to be Prominent Nutrition.