At Prominent Nutrition, we’re driven by clinical standards. 

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Jose Rocca, leads the way in new product development. He and his team pore over the research with the goal of identifying clinically studied ingredients and their specific active compounds to determine the most effective dose.

Dr. Jose Rocca

More than a seal of quality, the Prominent Standard is also our philosophy of educating our customers on why our methods are the finest in the industry.

Prominent Nutrition supplements offer maximum-purity single ingredients that represent the cream of their crop--pun intended! When you choose an herb like Ashwagandha or Ginkgo Biloba from Prominent Nutrition you know that we will provide exactly what you want at peak quality.

All our supplements are designed around clinical dosages of non-GMO ingredients, free of gluten, dairy, lactose, eggs, nuts, fish, shellfish, and yeast. Our capsules deliver their concentrated doses of nutrients in their purest, cleanest form, free of unnecessary fillers like gums or thickening agents.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality versions of these supplements at affordable prices. Our priority is your trust and satisfaction, not high profit margins at your expense.

Our Process – Quality You Can Trust

Research & Establish Dosage 

We believe in peer-reviewed research and reference published studies on each ingredient. We note the health-enhancing active compounds and establish dosage based on published studies.

Interview & Assess Ingredient Providers

We source 100% of our ingredients from well-established suppliers that can assure full traceability of every source. We require vendors to provide us with as comprehensive of data as possible, including soil quality and heavy metal testing results, certificates of analysis, testing methods, and ecological impact assessments.

Sample & Test

We double-check the suppliers’ data on all incoming ingredients by performing our own in-house testing. Samples must meet our rigorous standards for identity, composition, and quality.

Fill & Inspect

All our products are formulated and blended. We oversee manufacturing personally from start to finish; no third-party manufacturing is involved. Vegetarian capsules are filled on our NSF-certified production line and we immediately remove and discard products that don’t meet our uniformity standards.

Continuous Testing

We do what all good scientists do: get additional verification from a trusted third-party lab to triple-check our results on product quality and active components. 

Bottle & Seal

Our containers are made from nonporous glass and topped with an airtight seal that ensures the contents stay pure, fresh and potent.

Non-GMO vs Organic Ingredients

Many members of our team eat organic foods and respect today's trend of moving away from heavily processed foods and ingredients--this is excellent for personal and societal health!

We will choose an organic ingredient from a trusted vendor if it is the best and safest option available, but we always refer to data for guidance when selecting sources. Verified non-GMO ingredients often have the same overall nutritional quality as their organic counterparts while allowing for additional safety practices, such as removing harmful microbes, that may not have an organic regulation equivalent.